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Westpac Smarts: Economic Overview
Alongside our friends at Westpac, we'd like to invite you to the upcoming Economic Overview, a much-anticipated event at this time of year on the Westpac Smarts calendar.

We’re really pleased to have Michael Gordon, Acting Chief Economist for Westpac NZ, take us through his thoughts on the state of New Zealand’s economy as we head with more optimism into the year ahead. Michael has been an integral part of the Westpac economics team since 2008, including two stints in the Acting Chief Economist role. His responsibilities have included currency and interest rate strategy, growth and inflation forecasting, and research in areas such as the labour market, house prices and macroprudential policy. Previously, Michael worked at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as a senior analyst in the Financial Stability department.

Michael will bring this wealth of economic experience to talk about the key issues facing us. COVID is ever-present, but New Zealand’s economy was remarkably resilient over the last year. In fact, the greater challenge we’re now confronting is the economy running too hot, with higher inflation, low unemployment and surging house prices adding to the mix. Michael will also touch on the impact of rising interest rates and what that means for us, all this while adapting to the new challenge of living with COVID rather than trying to eliminate it.

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